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 Have you ever found yourself wondering how it might feel to be more fully alive - connected with yourself, with others, with the world-maybe a little more embodied and in tune with your feelings and intuitions, able to think with more clarity and compassion ?

If you're nodding, even a little bit, please read on and check out the offerings here.

I have spent the best part of my life exploring the art of connection and the illumination of disconnection. I'm rooted in many years of Yoga and Tibetan Buddhist practice.  I've come to value the power of coming into deep touch with sensation, with emotion and experience . Don't we endlessly postpone being present ?

 With the playfulness of emptiness we can begin to meet our  sometimes paradoxical developmental experience.  The emptiness bit means examining our assumptions and storylines which can feel so solid and real and painful ! Are they so solid after all ?

And finding the juice in the places we habitually avoid. Do you think you need fixing ? As if there is something inherently wrong with you ?  Or might you begin to get to know those so called problem areas and build a relationship with them and then even get to welcome the uncomfortable stuff. 

 I had some colourful and creative years working with theatre and dance, became a mum of 2 amazing  daughters , a cocker spaniel and grandma to a sausage dog .

I've practiced for many years as a therapist - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy,  Trauma Relief Therapy based in Somatic Experiencing, Focusing, Movement and Sound based Therapy. And even longer as a Yoga teacher. I love yoga ! Teaching regular classes as well as  Pregnancy Yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga and Active Birth Preparation Workshops. 

I teach on the 2 year training at CTET for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I keep on learning . Currently training to be a supervisor for therapists and on a fabulous post grad Rasa Yoga training course.

Life isn't all shiny. You probably know that by now. So are you ready to go just a little deeper ? Find a safe space to take the time to get to know your fears and shadowy parts, liberate some of that stuck energy and reconnect with your authentic, precious, powerful, fully alive and loving self ? Instead of "one day", how about right now ?

with love





And from Clients

"I have been seeing Lisa for Craniosacral Therapy throughout my second pregnancy. I wanted to work through some birth trauma from my first birth and also to prepare my body and mind for the birth of my second child. Lisa's intuitive processes and gentle approach has been amazing and hugely supportive for me during this time. My sessions with Lisa feel like an important gift to myself within a larger body of self-care practices as well as having the rare and transformative experience of being held and supported by another woman, another mother within this particular time of my life. I intend to continue having sessions with Lisa post-birth and through the next stages of motherhood, feeling that craniosacral therapy can support whatever new challenges may come my way."

"I began receiving craniosacral therapy from Lisa to help alleviate a recurring back problem. I was soon aware however of the much wider positive impact the therapy was having on my general well-being. The extent of seasonal affective disorder from which I suffered every winter decreased markedly. I developed a deeper awareness of my body’s capacity to heal itself. Craniosacral therapy has allowed my body to realign itself as it needs to, sometimes gently, sometimes not so gently, but always in its own time and at its own pace. How does craniosacral therapy work? I really don’t know! Does it work? Most definitely! "

"A  life giving, strengthening, re-generating experience"

 "Lisa is deeply attuned and attentive to her client’s emotional and physical being and supportive of recovery at deep levels of the self and soul. Lisa helps find life and growth, hope and expectation in our inner (sometimes darker) places. It’s about allowing your body to be all you ever wanted it to be, all it could have been and all it can be"

 "CST with Lisa…. Is life giving and life enhancing, helping you connect with your deeper core intrinsic self"

" CST with Lisa is…. Freeing, empowering and hope-giving and healing"

 "CST and Trauma Relief are about connecting me with my body at a deeper level, listening to how I need to express myself both physically and emotionally and giving me permission to do so. It animates sometimes long forgotten parts of the myself " 

to discuss further  please call on 07778382068

thank you for reading this far. what does your body say to this invitation ?

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